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A combination of energizers, muscle builders, stamina developers and health boosters for Athletes and Sports people.



Adults : Take one tablet once daily after any meal or as recommended by a doctor or a pharmacist.


CHILDREN’S WEIGHT GAIN POWDER is a delicious, nutritious chocolate food drink which increases weight, energy and endurance in Children.


21ST Century MILK & EGG protein is a complete food supplement and contains all the essential amino acids for maximum energy.


INGREDIENTS: Biotin 40mcg, Vit B12 10mcg, Iodine 153mcg, Chromium 10mcg, Vit B2 30mg, Vit B6 75mg, Rutin 25mg, Bioflavanoids 25mg, Zinc 1.5mg, Potassium 2mg, Iron 1mg, Magnesium 1.45mg, Manganese 610mcg, Folic acid 200mcg, Vit B3 75mg, Glutamic Acid 25mg, PABA 30mg, Inositol 25mg,Betaine 25mg, Vitamin E 50iu,Ascorbic Acid 150mg, Vitamin A 5000iu, Vitamin D 400iu, Octacosanol 50mcg


DIRECTION OF USE: Take one tablet daily after any meal or as recommended by a doctor or a pharmacis


Vitamin C is essential for humans. Your body cannot produce Vitamin C, neither can it store Vitamin C for long periods. It helps maintain general body resistance to colds and infections. Vitamin C promotes healing of wounds and assists repair and replacement of body tissues. Essential for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. useful during times of stress.



Vitamin C is essential for human nutrition. Our bodies are not able to make Vitamin C nor store it for long periods. Taking Vitamin C tablets will help to restore the level of Vitamin C in our bodies. To maintain healthy bones, teeth and gums. It also helps to maintain general health.